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About Us

About Saint Bernadette

  • Her experience and story validated and reinforced my faith
  • Her experience was proof that the Virgin Mary is real
  • If Mary is real, then Jesus as the Son of God is real
  • Bernadette brought forward Mary’s power to pray for us
    and initiate miracles on God’s behalf
  • We should all embrace this story and emulate Bernadette’s
    faith and lesson to ask Mary to pray for us

My Story

It was early 1980. I was 26 years old. I was at the lowest point in my life. I had recently experienced the first true emotional setback of my life. The shock of this experience shook me to the core, and caused me to doubt everything in my life, including my religious beliefs. I needed something to not only kick me out of that funk, but also reinforce the foundation of my Christian faith.

By some miracle, I was watching TV on a Saturday afternoon, and the Song of Bernadette came on. I don’t know why, but I was compelled to watch this movie. The next two hours changed my life forever. Bernadette’s story, and the validation of her visions of the Blessed Mother, provided the proof I needed that God as I envision him, the Trinity, exists. I was now on the way back to the positive, happy person I was before I experienced this temporary setback in my life.

I subsequently read a great deal about the life and experiences of Saint Bernadette. I have come to realize, without being able to explain it, that she is, indeed, my guardian angel.

Now, my mission is to create a society devoted to Saint Bernadette and her story, in the hope that it will impact and motivate others in a similar way that it did me, and to beseech the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for us.

About the Society

The Society for Saint Bernadette is intended to be a home for people all over the world to learn about her amazing experience, impact, and personal story. In addition, it is a location where we can share our thoughts and experiences about Saint Bernadette, and support people in their pilgrimages to Lourdes to see the site of the apparitions.
On this site, you can learn more about Saint Bernadette and her story, share your own stories about Saint Bernadette and Lourdes experiences, discuss the “message of Lourdes”, and contribute to help others in their desire to visit this holy site.All funds collected will be used to support pilgrimages to Lourdes for those who don’t have all the necessary resources they need to experience this magnificent site.

The Mission of the Society

  • Socialize the story of Bernadette and the importance of the Virgin Mary as a prayer conduit to God
  • Reinforce the faith message inherent in the message.
  • Call people to personalize and evangelize the story
  • Call people to share their stories of Bernadette’s impact on them
  • Encourage people to journey to Lourdes to experience

Help support pilgrimages to Lourdes for those who don’t have all the necessary resources they need to experience this magnificent site.